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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys I'm Andy from PBRMAX. PBRMAX is a PBR library expanding 5000+ models and textures, and half of them are Eastern/Asia/Chinese style, from ancient dynasties to modern times. ----- https://pbrmax.com ----- Let me show you some scene examples in the attachment. Actually for now PBRMAX is on great discount, less than 20$ a year. ----- https://pbrmax.com/pre-sale ----- Contact me if you need further information!
  2. Hi all, I work for a small firm and have been working to organize our 2D and 3D assets in a more efficient and user friendly manner. Right now we have a 'Render' folder which is organized by creator and contains model and material packs that we have bought, 3D models that we have made in house, etc., similar to the following: Render Folder: Arroway materials > 1 Sub folder per pack: Concrete, Stonework, Wood, etc. CG Axis Models > CG Axis PBR materials Evermotion Models In house models HDRI etc. Each sub folder contains whatever packs/materials/models we have from each source, which in turn contain the actual assets. I've been thinking about instead organizing by "topic" and having separate folders for vegetation, materials, custom materials, furniture, bathroom, transportation, etc. and then reintegrating the creator folder to separate, for instance, the different tree models that we have from difference sources. I would really love to hear what structures you all utilize in your personal and professional work and/or any suggestions you might have. Thanks in advance!
  3. I started working at a studio as a texture artist, organizing the textures/materials is part of my job. On my PC I dont have a lot of textures, so I never really thought about how to do this. In the studio there's a folder for wood, concrete, brick etc, but there are probably a few thousand different textures. How should I organize that? Should i create subfolders for wood planks, rough wood, fine wood etc, and same for the other textures as well, or is it better to have them all in one place, like here, just a folder named wood and that's that? The other question is: How to name the textures? I think it doesn't matter while you don't use them, but after I create a bump map and reflection map, how do you name those? OR do you use a project folder and copy every texture and asset you use in the scene there? Never worked in a studio before and I was curious how you deal with your assets. Thank you!
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