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Found 11 results

  1. Hello guys!! (i am new on this forum, so sorry if i am violating some rules) I am looking for 3DS Max tutorials that are connected to architecture (no sculptures etc..). Right now i am watching tutorials from "thenewboston" (youtube), coz i heard they are really good, but they are actually pretty basic. Can anyone recommend me sth more profesional? I heard lynda tutorials and pluralsight are good. On the first view, i prefer second one, it looks more profesional (although for lynda you have to pay more). Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Hi all, I used to do a bit of CAD work for product design but am relatively new to buildings & arch vis. I'm by no means professional and just do it to see where I can get and what I can create. I have always been interested in new tech and have tried a few programs so far (showcase, lumion and realis3D). My question is what are others using? Which is best as the sites are all pretty salesy and boast much of the same content. Are there any other arch vis hobbyists or am I just weird? Many thanks. Ant.
  3. I’m pretty new to the world of 3D and Architectural design and would be very happy if someone could guide me in the right direction before I start learning all the applications. I need a workflow. I will start working AND learning in the Autodesk applications as I have access to them on the computers at school. My goal is to learn architectural design just for fun to begin with. Design my apartment with all the stuff in it, for example. I don’t mind if it take me a lot of work and time to get where I want as long as I get there and get started in the smartest way. So here we go. Say that I want to design my apartment with everything in it. I want to make it accurate from the beginning with all the measurement 100% correct. Maybe in the future I’ll want to try out a new livingroom design in my “virtual” apartment before I go shopping. Where do I start? What’s the best way for making floorplans, designing the raw interiors and so on? Say that I want to design the kitchen table with the correct dimension and angles. Should I start in Autocad to draw everything and then export it to 3Ds Max for the final touch and so on? Maybe Revit is better then Autocad? It’s hard for me to explain my thoughts exact the way I’m thinking them but if you go with my example of designing my apartment as my project to learn about Architectural design. What would be the best way to go for me if I want to do it the way the pros doing it? You don’t have to write the bible of architectural design, just show me the path Thanks you!
  4. Studio/Institution: n/a Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: rhino-vray-photoshop Description: hello This is my first work in cg world and every comment is accepted. I'm posting this because i want to get better and i think that the best way to achieve that is to expose yourself.So i am exposing one of my past works as an architectural student , and waiting Thanks
  5. Studio/Institution: Private Genre: Other Software: 3DSMax 2012 Vray 2.0 Sp1 Website: http://www.behance.net/omer Description: Hey guys, So im kind of a begginer in this business, and im looking for alot of feed back on my work. i've been doing this for about 4 monthes now. That project was done with 3dsmax and vray, designed by my sister in Autocad 2010. I really appreciate the critique (In advance) p.s. For lighting i used an HDRI Map (Baked in irr Map to reduce noise) Combined with Vray Sun. and Vray Planes on the windows for nicer Shadows. Thanks, Morph
  6. Studio/Institution: LianHe Graphic Design Client: oversea Genre: Residential Exterior Software: vray, 3d max, photoshop,cad file etc Website: http://www.china-render.com Description: it's a hotel that we made, share with u guys, and pls give me some comment ,many thanks!
  7. Studio/Institution: Stuff3D Genre: Residential Interior Software: Maya 2009, Mental Ray and Nuke 6.1 Website: http://stuff3d.wordpress.com/2011/04/03/cocina/ Description: Image taken from House and Home magazine, December 2010 edition, pg. 126. Canada's Magazine of Home & Style. Modeling Reinaldo Chacon, Evelyn de Leon, Daniel Moreno, Yanet Devis, Yessica De Ascenção, Edgardo Bermudez, Katherine Da Silva and Eduardo Roa. Texture Eduardo Roa, Adriana Carrera and Edgardo Bermudez. Materials Eduardo Roa. Lighting Eduardo Roa. Setting the scene Eduardo Roa. Background Arquimedez Gonzales. Abril/2011
  8. Going to have to start looking for a job soon and have a bit of a dilemma. I do all my modeling in Autocad but most companies nowadays from what I can make out model in Max. I can texture, light and render in Max (to a high standard, no problems there, so I know my way around Max) but have only ever done basic modeling in Max. It may be that I am just "old school" but I have never considered Max better than Acad for modeling. But if I want to compete in the job market today I am gonna have to learn! Can anyone suggest a good tutorial or course for architectural 3d modeling in Max? I have had a look around and am considering getting the Lynda:3ds Max 9 Modeling dvd http://store.lynda.com/productinfo.aspx?productid=645, but want to see if there is anything better out there before I shell out the $100. I suppose I am looking for something intermediate or advanced but preferably specifically for the "architectural visualiser" (I really don't care how you model an alien head!)
  9. Studio/Institution: LianHe Graphic Design Client: oversea Genre: Commercial Exterior Software: 3dmax, photoshop, vray, CAD etc. Website: http://www.china-render.com Description: it's the building in china, high and no special, a lot of people living in such kind of building.
  10. Studio/Institution: Stuff3D Genre: Residential Interior Software: Maya 2009 and Nuke 6.1 Description: Credits Base image from "150 Best New House Ideas", page 138. Collins Design. Modeling Reinaldo Chacón, Evelyn de León, Daniel Moreno, Eduardo Roa, Yessica De Ascencao y Edgardo Bermúdez Materials and Textures Eduardo Roa, Evelyn de León, Reinaldo Chacón y Edgardo Bermúdez. Ilumination & Render Eduardo Roa. Scene setup Reinaldo Chacón y Eduardo Roa. Render: Mental Ray, Direct Lighting and Final Gather.
  11. Studio/Institution: 3D Genre: Commercial Interior Software: 3D max 2009 Vray Photoshop Website: http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/kupfer Description: 3d visualization of a country house
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