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Found 6 results

  1. Perhaps this would be useful. There was a site, that some of you may have found already: http://www.cgstepinside.com - however, it appears to be defunct. It provided a worldwide map of CG Studios, CG Schools, and individually submitted CG Profiles. I think it's a pretty cool idea to have a geographic overview of the industry. Here on CGarchitect, we can create a list of the Arch-Viz studios! I figure it would be most useful to go by Country and City. I'll start by listing a few here. PLEASE ADD YOUR STUDIOS by reply, and I will update this list ps: feel free to write a description of the studio in your post too, if you wish. ARGENTINA Buenos Aires: http://www.jaddel.com AUSTRALIA Adelaide: http://www.keirro.com Brisbane: http://www.justinhuntvisualization.blogspot.com.au http://www.scharp.com.au http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com Melbourne: http://www.eaglevision.com.au http://www.floodslicer.com.au http://www.lucernal.com http://www.scharp.com.au http://www.squintopera.com http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com Perth: http://www.abtdesigns.com.au http://www.lastpixel.com.au Sydney: http://www.floodslicer.com.au http://www.scharp.com.au http://www.studio5253.com.au AUSTRIA Vienna: http://www.cy-architecture.com http://www.tangram3ds.com http://www.tangram3ds.at BELGIUM Brussels: http://www.indaboxstudio.com http://www.zooo.be BRAZIL Brasília: http://www.lumostudio.com.br Rio de Janeiro: Sao Paulo: http://www.Squintopera.com BULGARIA Sofia: http://www.rubikandsun.com CANADA Markham: http://www.dhrendering.com Vancouver: Toronto: CHINA Beijing: http://www.splendid4d.com Chengdu: http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com Hong Kong: Shanghai: http://www.studio216.com http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com COLOMBIA Bogota: http://www.sona3d.com CZECH REPUBLIC Prague: http://www.visualarch.eu EGYPT http://www.mazensamir.com ESTONIA http://www.saarnakvisuals.com FRANCE Lille: http://www.infograph.org Paris: http://www.luxigon.fr Strasbourg: http://www.ka-ra.fr GERMANY Berlin: http://www.colormass.com http://www.infinity-vision.de Munich: Stuttgart: http://www.moel-archvis.eu HUNGARY Budapest: http://www.colormass.com INDIA Ahmedabad: http://www.hitechcaddservices.com http://www.truecadd.com Bangalore: http://www.mayabious.com Bangladesh: http://www.getrendering.com Chennai: http://www.3darchprevision.com Delhi: http://www.mayabious.com http://www.universalcg.hk/2015b Kolkata: http://www.mayabious.com Mumbai: http://www.mayabious.com IRELAND Cork: http://www.cmgdesigns.ie http://www.pedersenfocus.ie Dublin: http://www.inviz.ie http://www.sketchrender.com ISRAEL Haifa: http://www.crgr.co.il Tel Aviv: http://www.studio-aiko.com ITALY Bergamo: http://www.francescolegrenzi.com Faenza: http://www.engram.it Genova: http://www.stack-studios.com Milano: http://www.deltatracing.com Porto San Giorgio: http://www.u6studio.com Roma: http://www.liraatvisuals.com Venezia: http://www.stateofartstudio.com JAPAN Tokyo: KAZAKHSTAN Almaty: http://www.blackdroplets.com KENYA Nairobi: http://www.arqisolutions.co.ke KUWAIT http://www.mazensamir.com LITHUANIA Vilnius: http://www.3darchitect.lt http://www.ar3dviz.net NETHERLANDS Amsterdam: http://www.pixelflakes.com Maastrict: http://www.multivision3d.nl ROMANIA Iași: http://www.gretarh.com http://www.pickant.ro (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pickant-Studio-Architectural-Visualisation/147212481990811?ref=hl) RUSSIA Moscow: http://www.photoreal3d.ru SINGAPORE Singapore City: http://www.audax.com.sg http://www.dreamunitpictures.com http://www.lns.com.sg (Light & Shadows) http://www.vmw.com.sg (Visual Media Works) SLOVAKIA City unknown: http://www.flyingarchitecture.com SOUTH AFRICA Cape Town: http://www.constructmedia.co.uk Johannesburg: http://www.asylumstudio.co.za Randburg: http://www.marius-erasmus.co.za Western Cape: http://www.mornestudio.com SOUTH KOREA Seoul: SPAIN Barcelona: http://www.felsvfx.com Madrid: http://www.jfs-ia.com http://www.lemonsbucket.com SWEDEN Stockholm: http://www.walktheroom.com Gothenburg: http://www.industriromantik.se http://www.tmrw.se TAIWAN Taipei: TURKEY Istanbul: UAE Dubai: UK Birmingham: http://www.franklingruppe.com Bournemouth: http://www.agencykilo.com http://www.d-zinelounge.com Brighton: http://www.F10studios.co.uk http://www.Harriskalinka.com http://www.ViStudio.co.uk Bristol: http://www.Architectureinmotion.com http://www.jd3d.co.uk http://www.ocula.co.uk http://www.Preconstruct.com http://www.troopershill.co.uk/ Cranbrook: http://www.polygoncgi.com Exeter: http://www.Montageuk.com Haywards Heath: http://www.th-visuals.com Leeds: http://www.3DVisualisationltd.co.uk Leamington Spa: http://www.atriumvisuals.com Liverpool: http://www.johnsonjames.co.uk http://www.render-studios.com London: http://www.Atelieryork.co.uk http://www.Cityscapedigital.co.uk http://www.djscgi.com (Dowling Jones & Stone) http://www.Forbesmassie.com http://www.foundationcgi.com http://www.Glowfrogviz.com http://www.inviz.co.uk http://www.mgdesignuk.com http://www.pixelflakes.com http://www.Preconstruct.com http://www.Squintopera.com http://www.Thevisualiser.com http://www.Vyonyx.com Manchester: http://www.the-neighbourhood.com http://www.virtual-planit.com http://www.wearemi.com Oxford: http://www.blinkimage.com UKRAINE Dnipropetrovsk: http://www.freedesstudio.wix.com URUGUAY Montevideo: http://www.kuanstudio.com USA Boston: http://www.neoscape.com Chicago: http://www.arccentric.com http://www.infxstudio.com http://www.studiorendering.com Chino: http://www.playcgi.net Houston: http://www.tiltpixel.com Kansas City: http://www.ZooBoing3D.com Kittery: http://www.tangram3ds.com http://www.tangram3ds.at Los Angeles: http://www.kilograph.net http://www.luxigon.com http://www.shimahara.net http://www.splendid4d.com http://www.transparenthouse.com http://www.visualhouse.co Naples: http://www.3das.com Newport Beach: http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com New York: http://www.cromo3d.com http://www.digitallogicvfx.com http://www.myndworkshop.com http://www.neoscape.com http://www.render-experts.com Portland, OR.: http://www.h3dviz.com San Francisco: http://www.3dfov.com http://www.steelbluellc.com http://www.studio216.com http://www.transparenthouse.com http://www.wearedigitalfrontier.com Seattle: http://www.studio216.com VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City: http://www.rainstormfilm.com
  2. I have been having this in my mind for quite a while now, and i finally decided to give a shout out to other people in the industry. From the last 1.5 years, i have been working in a architectural visualisation company in czech republic called visualarch. From a few months, i was thinking of sending my portfolios around other parts of europe or UK, and apply to the job posts around. What i am not sure of, is how much would be the average pay for a mid/senior level visualartist in one of the companies you usually find around the jobs board. Also, if someone could point out the standard cost of living in say, london or manchester or munich etc, it would be very helpful. Do you think it is a better idea to approach comapnies around europe or go back to india and establish a setup there ( i came to prague to do my masters, and stayed with the job here). Hope i can get a few doubts cleared! Cheers
  3. http://3dslondon.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/vyonyx-cityscape-digital-and-maxwell.html Hi people I'm planning on going to this, it'll be the first 3ds Max user group meeting I've been too. I was wondering if anyone on CGarchitect would be there too? ' Hope so The more the merrier!
  4. Studio/Institution: FACTORYFIFTEEN Client: / Genre: Other Software: 3d Max 9, Vray 2.0, pftrack, rayfire, after effects, premier, Website: http://www.factoryfifteen.com Description: The Battersea Experiment is a journey through a mysterious and surreal landscape cultivated within the hollow shell of London's Battersea Power Station. This project examines how new architectural spaces could be cultivated, grown and brought to life using living technologies. A character explores the dream-like world created by the scientist Oliver Deuce where all is not quite as it seems. After many years Deuce has harboured the growth of exotic arbouritums, acoustic follies, enchanted forests and even his own mausoleum as he seeks to realise his perfect world. The story is loosely based on the story of Ferdinand Cheval, an eccentric frenchman who spent thirty years constructing his Palais Idéal. Modeled and animated using 3Ds Max and V-ray and composited in After Effects. Canon 7D used to record greenscreen footage and provide camera tracking data for some of the scenes. Visit our site: http://WWW.FACTORYFIFTEEN.COM http://vimeo.com/24870658 Visit our site: http://WWW.FACTORYFIFTEEN.COM
  5. Studio/Institution: FACTORYFIFTEEN Client: / Genre: Other Software: 3d Max 9, Vray 2.0, pftrack, rayfire, realflow, after effects, premier, Website: http://www.factoryfifteen.com Description: Brixton has degenerated into a disregarded area inhabited by London's new robot workforce - robots built and designed to carry out all of the tasks which humans are no longer inclined to do. The mechanical population of Brixton has rocketed, resulting in unplanned, cheap and quick additions to the skyline. The film follows the trials and tribulations of young robots surviving at the sharp end of inner city life, living the predictable existence of a populous hemmed in by poverty, disillusionment and mass unemployment. When the Police invade the one space which the robots can call their own, the fierce and strained relationship between the two sides explodes into an outbreak of violence echoing that of 1981. All of the spaces within this film were designed by factory fifteen. This piece of architecture is nominated for this years Riba Silver Medal. VISIT OUR SITE HERE
  6. Studio/Institution: EFT Genre: Commercial Interior Software: vray 1.5 and sketchup 7 Website: http://www.marcusmittee.com Description: Recent works using vray render. http://www.marcusmittee.com
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