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Found 11 results

  1. Hello there! I'm new on this website. Basically, I'm also new in the 3D Architectural Visualization world. The thing is, I am trying to transition in this career from Digital Animation and Game Design. I always felt like this is what I would like to further pursue. I really have passion on this field. However, since I'm new, I hope you could help me out by giving me tips about anything to start my career - may it be on the industry itself, technicalities like software I should study, work advices - I mean literally anything! Also, if you have Instagram accounts of your works, you can comment it so that I could follow you and see your works for inspiration and ideas. Thank you very much! ?
  2. I'm looking to get started as a freelancer in architectural vis, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Studio/Institution: Future portfolio piece Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3Ds Max 2014, Vray 3.0, Description: Hi. I would be really grateful if you could give me some feedback on one of my renders. The render is hopefully going to be the first in a portfolio of work. I really need some work. I'm just not sure where to go. The irradience map is set to the low pre-set and the light cache is at 500. This is really for to speed. Any feedback you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adam
  4. Hi all, I am a vfx artist, but i want to switch to 3d architectural work. please let me know where to start, about the available opportunities and career in this field in india and abroad and what all qualification do i require to enter in this field do i need to learn auto cad or require some engineering degree? Waiting for your reply guys.
  5. Hi everyone, First time poster, I'm an experienced print graphic designer that's been learning Cinema 4D for nearly a year. Mainly doing visualisations of point of sale and product displays in retail environments. Interested to hear from members working in a similar area to swap experiences and techniques. I'm working on a large supermarket project at the moment and have what I think is a lighting problem, so head over to the Cinema 4D threads if you might be able to help! Thanks, Anth
  6. Hello all, Well after years of working as a landscape architect and getting more and more into administration, I have decided to return to one of the many reasons I became and LA...graphics. To that end, I am just beginning to explore the software available and the direction it might take me in. I want to become proficient at sketchy and photorealistic rendering as well as animation (went to film school for a bit before the LA degree). I was refered to this site by Shari Smith at 3DATS. I had asked her a handful of questions that she suggested I ask on this site because 1) the person she was going to ask monitors this site and 2) other users could possibly benefit from the questions and answers. These newbie questions were provoked by my finding the "One Project from Start to Finish" book.As I looked around the 3DATS website other questions followed. I show them all here and also will place them in their appropriate forums. I hope to soon be up to speed and contributing my creativity to the group. Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my questions. Best, David 1) Since the "One Project" book was using some high end software, I was wondering if 3DATS ever found software like SketchUp useful during an stage of the visioning process. 2) Why was Vray chosen as the renderer over Mental Ray in the "One Project" book, when Mental Ray is included/part of 3ds Max? 3) Is a "One Project" book going to be done on architecture/site planning? A reviewer of the book pointed out that the One Project book started out that way, but the idea was scraped? 4)Does one need to go through the beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced 3ds Max architectural visualization books before tackling the One Project book if they have never used 3ds Max before? 5)Do you use or recommend using tablets (Wacom etc...) for input with 3ds Max, SketchUp , Mudbox, Photoshop etc...or do you get by fine with a three wheel mouse?
  7. Hi everyone on cgarchitect! I am very excited to start posting on here as I have never posted to any 3D art sites before and hope to get great critiques and hopefully meet some very great and influential artists! I just graduated from The New England Institute of Art where I majored in Media Arts and Animation. While there I found my love for 3D art! I mainly work in 3Ds Max and have not stopped using Vray ever since I discovered it. Creating 3D renderings of Interiors and Exteriors is my new passion and I hope to only get better. So please help me out the best you guys can cause I want to learn and grow as an artist and make my art the best it can be. Thanks! -Mojoanimeo
  8. Hi...I'm a newbie here...Comments is needed...thx..
  9. Hello all cgarchitect user. I am glad to finally post here for the first time. I have found the site helpful for me in my field of work.Though I am still new to the community. I am still learning some new tricks. Looking forward to meet great architects here.
  10. I'm posting pics as I go along. I've never done this before and I'd appreciate some feedback as far as if I've modeled something wrong or if I'm missing something. This used to be another thread (Walls) but I'm beyond that so I posted it as something more general. Right now, as in the last 2 pics, I'm having problems with the elevation changes by the entryway, how its deeper by the door, goes up some stairs when inside, making it the general elevation of the rest of the house. How would I level the rooms next to it? I hope the pics explain what I mean. These are my latest pics: http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j84/DMasek/House/Housequater02.jpg http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j84/DMasek/House/HouseBack01.jpg http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j84/DMasek/House/HQWallPtxt.jpg http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j84/DMasek/House/Houseinsdprbtxt.jpg
  11. Hi All, This is my first attempt at modelling and rendering in 3ds Max! This is a project for Uni, and will eventually be an animation but wanted to post up some stills and get some feedback before rendering it all out. Not really happy with the external shot, but still need to model adjacent buildings, so hopefuly this will help. All comments and criticism will be greatly appreciated! 3ds Max 2009, Rendered with Mental Ray. Cheers Will.
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