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Found 3 results

  1. Hello there,here for ur opinion. I got this scene with robotic hand,trying to make it look all dark and reflective , basically my lights are affecting only specular for the model to show only the highlights. Now the problem is,since there is a lot of tight edges,there are also very thin highlights which makes it hard for AA to show correctly and as a result there are jagged sometimes vanishing parts of the highlighted edge,since the AA got not enough pixels to smooth them out. The pictures are only cut-offs from a bigger one . I tried add max value to AA,doubled the resolution,checked the sub pixel mapping,..didnt quite do anything...only cheat that seems to help is to use Soften filter,these pics already have one(without it its much worse) but only value (size) of 2,cause bigger values tend to destroy the other things into the point its unbearable..well my question is-do u know any other way to fix this or is it just the way it should be and i gotto deal with it? thanks for any tricks or suggestions:) three pics in attachments-printscreen of the model,render with marked problem areas,and then the render itself
  2. Hy all! sorry my english not well.. I'm having a problem where the vraylightmtl doesnt emit light well,, its not noisy, it just raggy.. Maybe this is GI, antialiasing problem,, i set Primary : Irradiance map, secondary : light cache, antialiasing : catmull rom , Adaptive Subvision Any sugggestion ?
  3. Hi, it's a pleasure of being in this community, with people that share one of my passions, rendering architecture! Thanks for your time! I am having some problems rendering with vray: 1)I cant figure out if it is a antialiasing problem but as you see, the superior edge line of the black marble wall starts pixelating when reachs darker parts The attached image show this problem clearly 2) I also have a problem with the hdri... they are extremely dark and the only solution that i've thought is changing the render multiplier to 20 to reach a normal level of brightness. The most strange thing of all is that if i use vray sun with it's default vray sky as environment only this problem doesnt' happens, so i don't think that it might be a camera problem. I set the vray phis. camera with a f number value of 8, and a shutter and film speed of aprox. 120. 3) I have to set up vraylight material and ies lights to extremely high values of power (around 30000) or i wont see them when rendering. This might be related with the previous problem. 4)My last problem: If i put 5 3d trees models the rendering time gets eternal... days.. is it normal? Please excuse me for the long post and the bad english. I'm trying to finish this soon so i can show it in my curriculum vitae. Thanks for the attention
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