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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, Yes I've been researching for about 3 weeks now. Yes, I looked around the forum. Yes, I am beginning to understand computer lingo, but not accurately! The computer I'll be purchasing: DELL Optiplex 9010 Ivy i7-3770 [3.4 GHz, 3.9GHz maxed, 8MB cache] 16GB RAM [1600] 2 x 1TB 7200rpm HDD GPU: Esus GTX560 2GB DDR5 PSU: 700W Somethings I will use it for: 1. Adobe CS5 and some CS6 as I learn a) Photoshop b) Illustrator c) After Effects [motion gfx], using pretty much every plug-in I can get my hands on 2. SketchUp 3. renderers for SketchUp a) Twilight b) V-Ray c) Indigo d) Octane 4. some gaming with hopefully good performance! 5. other 'regular' stuff I no longer reside in the States, so for now assume warranties and buying over the net are both myths. I've been told there's no room for an additional fan inside the comp. Apparently no professional fan can replace the stock one either [have NO idea why the technician claims so]. QUESTION: 1. Keeping the stock fan, and having added a more powerful GPU and larger PSU, do you think I will have major issues with overheating? Assume a ~25C environment. Bonus question: If I can, for about $400 more, have a comp. built with a GTX670, a more robust cooling system and a new case should I go for it? Any other helpful information would be greatly appreciated. Remember I am not too proficient with the lingo and acronyms. Sorry for the long post. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi! I put together a new Windows 7 Professional x64 (SP1) workstation and I can't get V-ray RT (2.00.02) to work in GPU mode with 3ds Max Design 2012 x64. In CPU mode it works just fine, but when I switch to OpenCL and press the ActiveShade button, activeshade window opens with the message "waiting for image data..." but no image appears. Instead of the common V-Ray command window a message "V-Ray Standalone has stopped working" pops, and I must close the render window. It doesn't crash Max or even the render dialog. The graphics card in the system is a GTX560 2Gb. Currently I have driver 285.62 installed. I also tried installing a few older drivers without any success. I have another workstation with almost the same HW/SW setup, except for the Quadro 600 graphics card with driver 266.35 It doesn't support the GTX560, and the oldest driver I can find/use is 275.33 It seems to me this is a driver issue, so any suggestion will be appreciated!
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