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Found 3 results

  1. Studio/Institution: Stidio Genre: Residential Interior Software: Revit Architecture Description: Study
  2. Hi, Now I am really confused. First of all... I know how to set up the lwf and a decent knowledge about it. But.. I was trying to find out some lighting tutorials for the interiors with completely artificial lights... but didn't found any with LWF. Now I've some doubts, may be you people could help.. (and I think this time I really needs the Expert's help:confused:) (LWF settings: max gamma:2.2, input and output:1, (with the texture input override with gamma 2.2) affect color and material: yes, color mapping: linear with gamma:2.2 and "don't affect colors" option ticked.) 1. Is the color mapping options works with lwf?? I don't find any difference by using different options...! 2. many people says that "don't affect color" should be on for more details. is it true? what exactly it do? 3. Why don't I found any good tutorial on it? every other tut is based on LWF basically on a day time. 4. Even the evermotion site tut (http://www.evermotion.org/tutorials/show/7900/making-interior-scene) is not using the LWF. another: http://www.3dtotal.com/forums_frameset/index.php?e=http://www.3dtotal.com/tutorial/3d_studio_max/bedroom_white_and_wood_scene/bedroom_white_and_wood_01.php If it is a so good option then why not they are using it for their scenes? and yes ... I do not see much color bleeding in their images. How did they manage it? with override mat??? I doubt it. 5. Is there is any need for AO pass in interiors? if yes how can we achieve it without having any environment? 6. Again ... is it really good option to use it in the given case...... or should I switch over to normal reinhard etc for the interiors??? There are a lots of question are running in my mind. But please help as I starts using the LWF but could get the decent result with it in interiors with artificial lights.
  3. Studio/Institution: Friml Jiri Client: BOINT Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3dsmax, vray Website: http://biolit.wordpress.com Description: other views on my website. CC welcome.
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