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Found 2 results

  1. Have a new project. Need some new trees. Sat down to make a palm tree. Crashed. Crashed again. Okay, I'll just tweak an existing one in max, all I really need is a much taller trunk. Probably just the Palm editor is buggy. Sat down to make a cyprus (conifer). Going nicely. Go to save it. Crashes. That's an actual drag. I need this tree. For years I've been disappointed in some things with Onyx, but it was expensive (to me). And the trees are good in the end. And SpeedTree is expensive if sweeeeeet. But if I can't actually use Onyx to get my work done... Am I the last person with Onyx?
  2. Hey guys, I recently did a course for creating realistic plants (botanically correct) in SpeedTree( and soon GrowFX). I thought I'd share some of the final images with you. A little about the scene : Over 120 different species of plants was specially built just for this this scene from scratch, which include moss, grass, flowers, plants, ivies, vines and trees. I ended up using about 30 different species for the scene. I did use both Corona and V-ray to render out images. There are more than 400 billion polygons in the scene via instancing (Using forest pack pro) and over 100 million unique polys. I also did use over 400 textures for the scene ranging from 0.5 k to 4k images. Opacity is used for most leaves. All in all it took less than 8 hours to render the scene on an i7 4 core(8T) with 12GB of memory with over 60 render elements . (There are 2k and 4K renders) Here's a link to the course if anyone is interested : http://shlece.com/product/the-art-of-landscaping-with-speedtree/ I'd appreciate any feedback
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