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VRAY room Night Interior

Cesar Enrique

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Hi Everyone, architects, modeleres, and designers....I´m writting this post because I´m looking for your help, you are experienced modelers, so I ask you this favor, I´m trying to doing an interior excercise, because I´ll work doing 3D perspectives, but i´m requested for a portfolio, I have a lot of exterior building renders, and I have no problem with exteriors, but at the time of doing interiors at night time, I have this problems: I´m using 3d max 7, Vray 1.46.12, and spot loghts, omni lights and target spots with vray shadows, but, when I try to put a light near a wall or in the roof, in the render it does not appear, it just appear when the light is away from walls and roof, and it doensshould be like this, why does it happen? and I can not find the correct render/lighting settings to make my scene look like real, I´m just a disaster doing interior lighting without sun ilumination, PLEASE I´M REQUESTING SUGGESTIONS, to modify my settings and make the lights work as they should, I´ll appreciate it very VERY much, and if someone has a link for a good interior lighting tutorial, I´ll be very thankfull.


I add the original render that I´m trying to copy, and two misserable attempts as well as my settings for render, the light settings are : shadows on with vray shadows, transparent shadows on, smooth shadows on, and area shadows in sphere 0,1 0,1 0,1 and 16 in subdivis. (0,1 is bcause if I rise the shadows doesn´t look soft).


Thank you.

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Hi Enrique! Your problem is that u can make the cove light appear ??? u can use photometric - target point then use web type to load an ies file (from CC:\3dsmax7\maps ) . hope that help !

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Hola Cesar, lo que posteo CVC es correcto.


Para hacer un render nocturno (interior) con luz artificial debes poner especial cuidado en la forma en que los haces.


- Para empezar debes usar, como lo apunta correctamente CVC, luces fotometricas, estas funcionan perfectamente en interiores


- Segundo, usa un archivo proporcionado por alguna empresa en iluminacion (*.ies) para dicha luz


- tercero, en el motor GI de los secondary bounces usa light map en lugar del

motor quasi monte carlo


-cuarto y mas importante, usa luz exponencial con los bright y dark multipliers con un valor= 2.35



si tienes dudas escribeme a "ra_yamirez", es de hotmail

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english? lol.


Id start with some ambient blue light from outside. Either use a vraylight or turn teh environment up with a blue tint. You could also use a bluetint moonlight?


Then start with a single IES spot and fine tune it with no other lights on, then once it is correct instance it around.


If it is still too dark, put a vraylight just under the ceiling with a low multiplier, to lighten things up.


Put some glossy reflection in as well and turn down the yellow tint.


Good luckz

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