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Dual Processor which motherboard

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Hi all


I'm in the process of bidding for various parts to build my self a new, (And hopefully cheap) new workstation.


I bought some matching Xeon CPUs (P4 3.06-533-512 XEON CPU) and am now looking at motherboards where im getting very lost!


Would be very grateful if anyone can help. Have found a B1496 TYAN S2668ANR and Asus PC-DL deluxe, but am worried that they may be quite old am am wondering whether its worth thinking to the future a bit, in the eventuality that i may buy some better CPU's sometime.


Also bit bothered about noise as its a home based machine and it'll be on 24/7.


The Tyan is £109 is that an ok price


Many thanks for any pointers anyone might have!

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hi, i've got an asus pc-dl deluxe with 2x3.06ghz @ 3.6ghz running 24/7 at home , if you have a good computer case with wind tunnel connected to the cpus fan the system is much much less noisy... :) but still does more damage to your ears than a single cpu system...(well.. depanding on your cooling system) the xeon fan can go at 9000rpm at full load...with dual system you can consider buying a watercooling system! :) i wish

i could get one of these ;)


if you look for the future then, consider the asus K8N-DL for opteron 64 witch

are cooler than the p4 architecture in the xeons...

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Ended up getting a Asus NCCH-DL, which should leave me some leeway to upgrade in the future, getting some cooler master fanless heatsinks which are meant to work though ive seen people attaching fans to the side of these.


Will have to see what temps i get i spose.


Is a steep learning curve, and still buying the parts as i can afford them

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