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MAJOR bug in brick material or UVW mapping?????


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Hi all,


I'm using the brick material (MAX5) for a facade i'm doing (stack bond). I made a brick map with, lets say, 20 bricks horizontally. The width of 1 brick is 210mm. So the width of my UWV map should be 4200mm... Right?? Wrong!! It all goes well in the beginning of the facade, but at the end of it you see a shift in the brick material... (see images 1 and 2). There is absolutely no error in the geometry. Is this something that is caused by the material or the UVW mapping?? Is there some kind of accuracy problem with those?? A certain percentage maybe??


Anyone have had the same problems?? Anyone have a solution (except modelling all the bricks) Please let me know....



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i'm confused.


what's making up the colored brick, and what's making up the mortar?

it looks like you have 2 different maps on there and one is shifted.

can you post a screen cap of the material settings?


i usually use a brick maker program, from acme or lincoln, etc.

it creates a realistic image you can use in the diffuse slot. in PS i make a bump out of it.


EDIT: http://www.acmebrick.com/md/



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