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How do I render 2d lines in max


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Hi again


Question One

I have a model, and All the window breakups are 2D lines from autocad, how do I render the 2d lines so they come out as rendered lines in my window lines.They are on there own layer, and buildings are file referenced in.


Second question


I have messed up my rpc's

where should the images be kept, and were should main plug in be kept?




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1. Method: Select Spline - Modification-panel - Rendering - Mark "Enable in Renderer"


2. Method: Select Spline - Apply Modifier "Renderable Spline" (Useful for a larger number of Splines


3. Method: Actually model the Splines as Geometry with the Loft Command and a custom profile

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Yes, Jan-Ruben Fischer is right. But i don't think its a very good idea to use loft in this case. You can simply mark the renderable box in the modify pannel on your spline and nottice that there is a checkbox close to it named "display render mesh". well, click on it. After that just convert it to poly and you have actual geometry without having to loft anything.

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