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Dual Monitor Graphics Cards

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I've read the numerous posts on this forum dealing with graphics cards, and somehow they have helped and confused me at the same time. I'm shopping for a mid range (


Some cards in my $$ that I'm considering are Oxygen GVX420, Wildcat VP560, Fire GL 8800??

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Avoid the Wildcat VP cards. The entire oxygen line is completely obsolete. (Outperformed by virtually everything).


What app will you be using these cards with? The FireGL 8800 is a decent card if your using maya...bit worse then a 750XL (Quadro4) if your using max.

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Greg, thanks for the response. I am using only lightscape for rendering and form Z for modelling only. no gaming or other special needs other than dual monitor desktop.


we have a 700XGL in the office that i can utilize but i'm not very impressed with it. Any advice you have about a better card for these applications is much appreciated!!

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A 700XL is a bit slower then a 750XL, but both should perform near each other. Realistically I don't really know of any cards that offer better bang for the buck then the Quadro4's. The Quadro FX's are too expensive, and the FireGL's aren't cutting it performance wise.

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Folks, I have decided to buy the Quadro4 750 to use with 2 monitors, but i'm not sure what monitor configuration it will support. I have a very good VGA main monitor and i'll be getting a cheap 14" secondary mainly for toolbars and such.


Can the card support 2 VGA monitors or do you need 1 VGA and 1 DVI? What about using adaptors?? Any info is appreciated.



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I know Greg is gonna cancel out my thought here, but here goes anyway:

If I were you I'd shave $$$ on the card, get a matrox G450 (probablly around $50 - $90), and spend some more on a better second monitor.


  • I use the exact same combination as you (LS $ FMZ) and both won't benefit much from a really extra fast card.
  • It maches the age of the other hardware you got.
  • It has great drivers for dual monitoring - comparing to others (Nvidia)
  • Exlnt 2d and video image
  • You always want to have 2 monitors that are the same size and quality - much easier to work with
  • No drivers problems in LS (from experience)

Just a line of thinking...

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