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Interior plan (fastest job ever)


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Okay it's technically a perspective. A coworker's Sketchup model -> .3ds -> Max, add 1 light, turn on environment and GI in VRay Free and render, under 10 minutes start to finish and my boss is impressed. Do I have a record? Anyway, what do people think of this style for illustrating a plan?


PS - I'd like to test Sketchup-Max-VRay on the Pantheon model I saw at Objectivenetworks (also to show up a professor who politely explained to me last year that I would never understand lighting by using a computer and would never make as accurate a computer render as his pencil drawing of the ceiling) but apparently because of a browser bug in MSIE for Mac (which was used to upload it) it's only usable on Mac. Does anybody have a link for a Sketchup Pantheon I can open on a PC?

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funny, i did it exactly the other way round: bake in max -> 3ds -> sketchup to come up with this.

unfortunately there is a bug in the new sketchup 3ds-importer, which cannot preserve uv-coords for long and thin triangles (you can see some of these errors in the upper right part of the image).

but apart from that this kind of illustration is really cool, besides you can navigate it in real-time and send it to others to view it in real-time with the sketch-up viewer. better than a static image i think, this would impress your boss even more. ;-)

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Now I've gone over fully to goofing off but this is starting to be fun, and since part of my job is marketing graphics it's still work. The model is on a desk in the office that the model is a model of. No real materials work yet.


Couple of quick questions-


I'm in Max6 with VRay Free and the model is from Sketchup via 3DS export. It's in the form of a few very large editable meshes, so the table edge that should be a curve but isn't is made up of a bunch of two-triangle rectangles and the table top is triangles with faces on the non-round table edge. Any good quick way to get this to be round?


In VRay Free is there a good way to get a "glow" to make it more obvious the lamp is turned on?

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