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Need confi for mac G5

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Dreamteam my friend. Don't think twice and go for it!


I've been to a number of promo-days here in the Netherlands and they all worked with the Mac G5 > Vectorworks and C4D. Running smoooth and a very friendly, shortline co-operation between all packages and the Mac. Very fast, almost crashless.


I'm getting sentimental thinking of the good old days working the graphics on my Mac. Still got 'her'. She's retired for some years now....



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The dual G5's are pretty darn good, you'll want a lot of RAM of course, and as for graphics - I think the best you can do right now is an ATI X800XT. For render engines, you can have C4D advanced render or Maxwell, and there should be a Mac version of FinalRender 2 for C4D but I don't know about release date. I have a friend who tries to use C4D on a Powerbook G4 but it's pretty bad - not because of the software, which seems very good in my limited experience, but because whatever 3D hardware they put in those is pretty feeble.

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