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GoBoxx any good?

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My brother and I will soon be in the market for mobile workstations and I wonder if anyone has had first hand experience with Boxx Technologies?


Specifically, we're looking at the GoBoxx 2300 since it offers 3gig of ram and the Nvidia Quadro 256mb OpenGL graphics card.


Has anyone heard anything about this company? Would you recommend something different?


Thanks a lot - I appreciate it,

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I have had GREAT experience with BOXX. Very easy company to work with. I did however recommend them to my father and he got a system that won't shut down. Everytime he shuts down it starts up again. Other than that it works fine. I am not a tech head really I want to be but I just am not. So I can call Boxx and talk to someone who is able to work with me I don't have to fill out a dozen forms and run 10 diagnostic test just to talk to someone who is usually in India. I do like to practice my Hindi so that's fun but not always time effective. I really did not like working with Dell.


Anyway my fathers problem has not been resolved, it does not seem to be affecting his system, Boxx offered to take the CPU back and fix it but he can't be without the system and it's one of those things where it's annoying but it's not affecting his work flow at all.

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Thanks Sawyer, nice to know that their customer service is up to snuff. I too have delt with Dell's customer service and wanted to slit my wrists afterwards (a clearer thinking person would want to slit _their_ wrists ;-) ).


Are you running a 64-bit system? Is it worth it?

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not used boxx myself but one of my friends uses a boxx workstsation and it has been very twitchy and tech support was a little iffy i'm told

it was fixed finally but took around 3 months (lots of blue screens for no real reasons)

i'm using dells myself a m60 and p360

box solid aside from a dead battery on the m60 after a 3 months which was fixed under warranty

talking to dell sucks to the point where if i go thrugh to india i put the phone down and redial and it goes through to ireland


the only really good support i had in the past was sgi but seeing they are now out of the pc market.....................

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