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Advanced Scatter Tool Help - Plant Work


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The attached image should show what I'm aiming for. I'm having a difficult time getting the "Scatter" tool under compound objects to work for me on this. It doesn't allow me to use multiple objects for scattering and seems to alter their pivot points so that the flowers are floating off the stem considerably.


Does anyone else have better experience in modeling something like this? Is the scatter tool the right direction? How about a particle system? Scripting? I'd love some feedback if you have any.


Thanks guys - Super D.

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forest pro from Itoosoft can handle this situation. just that you would need to have separate paths (splines) for separate flower species. the custom mesh would be helpful to use your flower meshes rather than standard planes in forestpro. Moreover, you would have several scattering options and dynamic distrbution. See if you can try.


Thanks & regards


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