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Renderdrive and Pure

Craig Ramsay

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well, I bet things are going to move GPU based were rendering engines will use your nvidia/ati card ala exluna (even that I personally think that exluna rendering engine sucks), 2nd, I have seen active interior real-time GI on a P4 2.3Ghz at a siggrapch conference.


The cost of a render drive vs depreciation vs computer cpu speed increments simply does not make a business point to me. I don't see that model working in the long run. From a bs point of view I prefer to invest in US$1300 dual AMD based machines, and I can use all the plugs I want, different rendering engines, and use them for compositing rendering engines at the same time.


I predict that GPU based is the future, well for some is already a reality.


that is my opinion :)



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Pure is a very nice bti of kit, being a hardware rneder card aswell, its going to be faster, about 10 x in the right circumstances. The results are nicer as well, but be honest who is going to £2500 + for a render card?!?!?! Not me for certain! How many starving children can that feed!

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