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new moebius ring from torolf :)


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I am an Art Fashion designer http://www.larisakatz.com from the Netherlands.

Throo my search on google I came to this site .

Amazing & fascinating structures!

I am looking to possibilities of printing such a struktures out with 3D printer and by using many of the same parts to create a fashion outfit.

Got no idea how the 3D programing works and was wondering if you guys would like to help !

Currently working http://hci.rwth-aachen.de/fablab. based in Aachen.

There is a 3D printer only I don't know how to program such a beautiful objects.

My email is info@larisakatz.com feel free to contakt me .

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Yes, impressive work.


Larisa, I think what you're asking about is how Torolf got such impressive results from his 3D printer or other prototyping machine. What you're seeing in Torolf's postings look like photographs but they are actually very realistic renderings that he made through skillful use of software that generates forms based on mathematical formulae, a program called Maxwell Render that is useful under the right conditions for making particularly photographic looking images, and good use of lighting in that software.


For example, in the last image he posted, Torolf applied a three dimensional Voronoi function (a function that distributes "seed" points with some amount of random variation then assigns to each seed point the set of points that are closer to it than any other seed point, to create a cellular structure similar to a pile of soap bubbles) to a toroid shape, mapped the edges of the cells and used some other function to give the spines their stretched shape, then rendered using a metallic material and what looks to be a softbox above the scene.

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