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Some Comment.. Thanks~!


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overall a nice piece.


a few c&c's would be that your curtains look a little rigid, almost like they are made of cardboard at the minute, The wood texture noticabley tiles on the TV unit, and perhaps is a little out of scale on the table legs. Final there is some strange artifacts along the leading edge of the overhang above the cupboards.


good work, comments are only minor issuse



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Thanks jat10005, normally what do you do if you don't want to see the tiling? coz I'm just mutiply the number. It's the only way I know..ha




I dunno what's wrong with those edges too.. it wasn't the overlapping.. weird..:confused:

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when you say multiple the no., do you mean the number of times it tiles? surely that just makes it more obvious or you lose the scale of texture in relation to object?


anyway my suggestion would be to find a better texture, either a larger one that will cover the area without the need to tile or one that is seemless ( i appreciate that wood textures are quite difficult to find - get your camera out is prob the best answer)


my other suggestion and i may well get shot for this!!! just leave it and see if your client notices.....a lot of comments/crits here would probably never be mentioned by a client as most of us have trained eyes since we spend all day looking at these issues!

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