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True Type Font not displaying


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Recently I´ve had trouble with a TTF displaying in other computers (All consultants should use the same font in their drawings). I installed the font in my computer and had some trouble making Autocad recognize it. I registered the font, and cuould use ite in word, power point etc, but not autocad. Finally, I deleted about 15 of the fonts I didn´t used (read windows had a limit in the number of fonts it could load). Finally it worked, on may computer. The problem is that this recepie didn´t worked on the consultants computers. We even resinstalled autocad after installing the font (read that in another forum) with no result.

Anybody has gone through this? Now Im the only one printing everybodies sheet plans since my computer is the only one that displays the font.:mad:

The TTF is Frutigier Light.



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