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glass in vray that doesn't take a lot of time to render


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I'd turn off GI calculation of the glass (vray properties) ...then the light will go thru the windows directly and you only get the glass reflection...it works pretty well in exteriors and interiors.

-try using IOR 1 for refractions or/and you can reduce the depth 3,3 (refrac, reflec)

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is this glass being calculated faster than regular Vray material?



I noticed that you can't really change a color, it is either a fully color or transparent, I wanted a little bit of green but it doesn't seem to work.


Yeap... that is what I suspected. Try to avoid using standard max material in general, while they work, they are slower. Also, for transparency, they should be avoided at all cost. Using opacity in a standard material makes vary vety very slow. This is how you do proper glass (in any rendering engine)



- In your case, use the VrayMat

- For glass that is transparent (or tinted), it has no diffuse color. Meaning make the diffuse black

- Add transparency in the refraction (that is opacity in Vray).

- If the glass is tinted, add color to the refraction

- If the glass has a slight amount of paint on it, or like a slicky film thing... add color to the diffuse

- Now Vray will refract glass very very fast. You will notice that with the Vray material and a raytraced refraction, it will still render 10 times faster then a Standard material with opacity and no refraction

- But if you just want to to blow off the refraction all together, turn off the "trace refraction" in the option of the VrayMat


Now this is only the begining and only answers your immediate questions. There is a lot more to glass, but give that a a try and see if it helps.

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