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drawing splines


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with an acad background... how do i draw splines with coordinate values... quickly.


1. is there an ortho type function that you can turn on/off. you know, like restrain to x and then y directions with distance you can type in.


2. other than using autogrid at object creation, is it possible to set up a drawing plane using points?


i find that the polygon tools for editing surfaces is easy, but im having trouble defining the generative splines... and locating something like openings within surfaces. it seems all too freeform...


3. if you have a wall defining surface and you want to locate an opening at a particular height from the ground and a certain size... how do you all do this?

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hi salty


1- use 'shift' while u draw or just try to stay within the the grid co' using 'snap 2 grid' (although i know its not allways possible)


2- sorry i dont understand the question..


3- do u know how 2 work w AEC objects? if so its just a matter of inserting it and changing the z co' (tip- its easier if u work w a segmented wall)

if u dont then try 2 pick it up using HELP or something cuz its hard 2 explain it in writing


good luck

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