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I need help


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Hi all,

I wont to start to invest my time in learning one of 2 software Maya or 3DMax, for Architectural , visual effect, animation, characters.

What you suggest me to start with, Maya or 3DMax.

Which one more powerfull , with more options and capablyties. I now about the paint effect of Maya which is not included in 3DMax.

But I can't decide which one to start with. Pls. help me.



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Hi, wtmma

IMHO you seem to be going in 2 different directions with Architectural visualisation & character animation. Is there a particular emphasis on one or do you want to learn all aspects?


BTW one post of a question should suffice! ;)

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They are equally matched, having stregnths and weakneses in different areas...

When you say learn, do you mean Buy...because although you can download the learning edition of maya and use it till you get good at it, the Max demo only lasts for 30 days, not really enough time to learn it, so you would have to buy it to learn it...

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