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Strip Frame Cancelling


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I have set the network to render a series of animation frames into strips. The problem is that for the strips to be stitched together, the animation needs to finish.


How can I cancel the rendering and have Backburner stitch the strips together?





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When you submit the strips to the queue, it sends two jobs, the first one is the renderings and the second one is the joining of the strips. I have noticed on several occasions that all the strips will be done, but for some reason, backburner re-renders one strip (seemingly at random). So as long as all the strips have been rendered, you can delete the first job and the second job will automatically pick up and join the strips together. You have to make sure that all the stips exist though.


The other thing I've done if there's one strip that is particularly slow to render, I'll make a black strip in photoshop the same size as the rest of the strips, and give it the name that corresponds to the missing strip. If you delete the first job, the second job will pick up and put the image together with the black strip as filler.

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