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Hello to all. I am an Architectural Student in Las Vegas Nevada and have been working in the field for 8 years now and I am just starting to learn Viz and how it works. Does anyone out there have any good tips for the beggining renderer?? One major problem that I am having is that if I try to render anything above "Draft" quality my system seems to crash on me.....Any solutions???


Thanks All,




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If you're talking about Viz Render, the thing that comes with ADT, try the Autocad board but don't expect much help, I don't know of anybody here who uses it. It's not very powerful.


How much RAM do you have and how much is being used when you render? You can monitor RAM used under Processes in Task Manager and RAM free under Performance. How complex is the model? Can Viz Render give you a polygon or radiosity mesh subdivision count?

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