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something for the soul

Arnold Sher

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hi everyone...


it seems as though all we do is work and work and work. So being the boss of my own firm i've decided to have a little bit of fun. I wonder if any of you guys are interested in doing a collaboration with us (a south african firm) and doing a project with us. We do high profile projects that very from sky rises to hotels, to goverment work. We want to learn and we want to teach as we have a vast experience in what we do. Have not decided on things like money but it would be fair. However i am more talking about a project for your soul with a cool client who is not afraid to push the boundaries and so we can have a little bit of fun and who knows maybe it will lead to something more permanent. We are only interested in people with skills so please no chancers. Drop me a mail arnold(at)asylumstudio.co.za

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