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hi There


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Nice model and camera views

Lighting looks a little flat. Try to turn your ambient light to '0' and either fake bounced light or use radiosity. The main light for the "sun" looks good.

You likely have seen this - On your striping either turn off shadowing or stencil the lines to the parking lot surface. (Don't stencil until you know the striping won't change)

FYI - for the actual site plant, the ADA parking should be moved next to a main entrance instead of where it's shown now...don't forget to include the signage for the space in your rendering.

Glass - use a very slight fractal bump map so that glass doesn't appear perfectly flat. Consider using a fresnel shader or gradient to increase reflections and decrease transparancies when the angle between the camera and the glass is increased.

Parking lot - paint a diffuse map to show heavier traffic and parking patterns.

Add a sight diffuse map either painted or with procedurals for the building walls - this will create some variance in color so the walls won't look too "flat".


You've done a great job so far!

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a few quick things--


windows darker, more contrast


lose the 3D effect on the parking stripe paint


compress the clouds vertically--they look flat, so would be low clouds, which will add some drama--while you're at it, add some oh-so-cliche cloud shadows to the foreground


either darker or lighter road surface


add some surface imperfections/variation to just about every surface.

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hi There


here is the final 36x24 presentation board for the Design Review Board meeting (which starts in 2.5 hours)


They just gave me the "final" changes yesterday at 4:30 pm




i hope This works


Thanks Allen and Ernest for the comments

i will try to incorporate as many of Those


as i can figure out


no more Thick Paint



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