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Please crit

Pavel Roder

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Hey people!


I am finishing a house for my friend and this is a raw sketch of it (about 10 minutes of rendering both) its 5 am


I wanna know what do u guys think about lightning and sky colour ?

Isnt it too dark and moody ???? Oversaturated ?



I will be thankfull for any advice! redface2.gif


rendered in LS -no.1 setting - no textures








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not a bad start, but the blue definately needs working on. too blue and saturated. sort out the rest of the model and texturing first before the sky is done. may make it easier that way.


the internal lighting and gi look ok for a start (usually do with LS tho ;) ) but as i say dont worry about the moody blue sky for the mo, just change it to suit the pic when the rest of the model is done

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hi strat!


thanx for posting it - so you think sky should be more different from the blue lightning of the house ??


I was also thinking about a warm, yellow, circular wash on the facade as a result of Camera Flash...



Heh, it doesnt matter now, client have decided to have a double garage underneath and composition of windows will be different so i will have to remake the whole house :( I will post a result soon





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