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It's not a building but...


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it's kind of architectural ;)


The matt grey stuff are just place holders for a bin, tackle boxes, there'll be other beach type stuff added.


C+C and ideas for stuff to put in the scene welcomed.




[ September 03, 2002, 12:32 PM: Message edited by: kid ]

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hey kid


this looks excellent, i love it! good idea :)


i'd add some flying sea gulls and a purching seagull on the wall. (and some seagull shite dribble down the walls. sorry, but thats would be realistic, the walls look too clean) put some boats in the sea.


is that sand? make it a bit yellower and less of it. maybe put some bits of sea weed in it too.


i think the bin and the sky/sea looks great. just a couple of things - i'd get rid of that island, it's not needed, and the road material looks too regular and way too dark.


how about some double yellow lines too?


keep us updated, good stuff :)

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Very nice Kid!


Only a few modeling tips - rest looks fine:

- the bench is a bit to large as I feel there is not enough space to the left and right of it

- chamfer edges (+/- 1cm): the border of the pavement is to hard, the corners of the blue brickcolumns and the top of the orange walls too.





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