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Camera Lense


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Im sure this has been talked about before but i can not find it.

Basicly im wondering what FOV/Lense size most ppl use with there camera.

I normally use 24mm for outsite which i think gives you a FOV of about 70

But i was wondering what ppl use for the inside and or outside.


I know humans have a higher FOV than 70 so doing this makes the camera see less than a human would and making the room or space seem smaller.

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I usually use a FOV between 84deg (20mm lens) and 55deg(35mm lens). More often than not its closer to the 20mm lens as clients often want to see everything in their mediocre designs (bathrooms esp).


Over 75deg and things start to get distorted, esp true on internals, I try to steer the client towards a closer view and put more detail into textures and modelling.

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