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house exterior


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Hey Guys,

this is a rendering im in the process of doing, using the daylight system and radiosity


im using area shadows, regathering is off

filtering is set to 4


the sky is a little too colorful, but i can change that easely.

ill add some trees in the back, and maybe some shrubs, and more detail to the model, such as outdoor furniture etc.


my goal is to make it as realistic as possible, right now it still looks like a rendering filepush.asp?file=HOUSE5_2.JPG

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Well, as you said yourself, it still looks like a rendering. The sky is not matching the light (your sky has the sun coming from the back while the model has it coming from the front), the pool still needs water...

It's difficult to talk about it since it's really an early stage. Add all those thing you mentioned and we'll see how it behaves. ;)



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Hi illyrianeye,


Nice work so far. However when I look at the image I get a very cold, chilly feeling from the lighting. (I’m assuming that it’s supposed to be summer time). Perhaps try adjusting your light. I can’t wait to see the trees and shrubs you mentioned, adding that into the composition should help with the horizon a lot. The water is too opaque, it should be more transparent and “sparkly”, maybe you should try the free caustics generator:




Here’s a reference image of a outdoor pool….




Good work, definitely a good improvement from the first render.

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