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quick time panning


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Sup fellas


i allready posted this in the Cinema 4d forum section, but i cant see a huge coverage in there really, ;p so being as it's WIP i posted here too.


just been playing round with quick time's virtual reality rendering straight through one of cinema 4d's renderers.


wat do you think?


you have to right-click-save-target-as, then open up the .mov file in quick time (windows media player wont do) and use the mouse to pan around in real time. you can also zoom in/out too.


http://homepage.ntlworld.com/sjleworthy/qtvr.zip (about 4 meg)

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hi all,


sounds like a real animal-farm inhere...


A welshman once told me this: In Ireland, sheep-fucking is not a shame, it's a religion!


well... this might not add well to the subject, but I thought it was quite funny...





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