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I’m not taking any credit for modelling the building because its one of the example buildings from Archicad version 7. However I have tried to blend it into a photograph which is a car park so I had to remove the cars and ground.


I used Max 5 to position the building and rendering with basic lighting and materials no GI or Radiosity used in this, most of the work is done in Photoshop 7.


Obviously unfinished but any comments are welcome



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Hey, easy!

Nice rendering. Obviously lots to improve, but still a nice start.

First thing I'd point is he framing. You cut the grass island, and that's giving a feeling of "not completly loaded" image. I had that feeling myself, so I think you should study your angle a bit better.

The textures also need to be clearer and/or more elaborated. Grass, asphalt, even the building itself look very flat.

I also think the background picture is really not helping, cause we can't see a think. Maybe you should use geometry instead.


Hope it helps.



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