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we need a new Forum for online silly games To play


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can anyone explain Cricket??

what The hell are They doing??


i read The Text about This game

i am completely bowled overs,wtf?


1 day Test, 4 day Test?

whats wrong with This picture?


i just dont get cricket


pls, an explanation in plain english would be nice





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richmondlu, hey Thats way cool. if you dont over-correct Too soon


maybe we could get a List of The Top Ten Best online 'alt-work' games

and have our own Decathalon during The Next Years summer Olypmics


just an idea


you would have To participate in all 10 events

with individual winners in The separate Events


just an idea, alt-productive but fun


since There are NO Monthly challenges going on 3d/cg

maybe This could be a (poor) substitute for competition





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