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Playing with lights.


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Originally posted by STRAT:

it looks scan line rendered to me - very flat and lifeless. i think you should either choose another time of day or another scene.


also, either drop that sun or make it much smaller.

Right between the eyes...


Thats strat.

But... he's right. :ngelaugh:

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I only have one spot light (that it's the sun) with a intensity of 2 and an orange color (R252, G160, B0), and the GI with a multiplier of 0,4 for the first bounce, HSph subdivisions of 50 and Interp samples of 20; and 0,5 for the secondary bounces. The enviroment is 3 for the multiplier with a light orange colour (R255, G180, B99), with the override Max chequed.

What would you change? :winkgrin:

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