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drawing units.... Why am I having problems?


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This is a problem, that I have been dealing for a while and I don't how to fix it.



Lets say, I get a dwg land survey from a surveyor... if I try to copy/pasted a into an existing drawing, the scale is off.


I have try changing in Format- Units ... and I set both drawings (the survey and my drawings) to have the same units. But that doesn't fix my problem.


what could it be??



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surveyors typically work in meters (or maybe in feet in USA ?)


whatever the case, are you sure that you are accounting for this discrepancy ? it is one thing to be in the same units (architectural or decimal) but another to be working with the same base unit (inch vs feet or millimeters vs meters)


it could also be the insert units as sugested by marcus. i never cut and paste in autocad, by the way - try inserting as a block.


hope that helps



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from previous experience i have always have had To scale UP The civil dwg by 12


They work in 1.0 = 1 FOOT units

so To convert into architectural


you would need To multiply by 12 inches per Foot

This is old-style autocad workflow so not exactly


sure if This is you ADT problem


say did you hear That They are renaming ADT To ACA?


Autocad for Architects







i am not civil, never have been, never will be

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Well, the drawing needed to be scale by 12 juat like vizwhiz said.


Not sure why you aren't referencing it in....

I'm not an expert in autocad, but the layer system that the surveyor had was differnt from ours, besides I didn't need all the info on the plans and the text needed to be in a different size.


So what I did is "converted" what we needed to our layer system and the xref it to the plans. Is there a better way to do it? :confused::)

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