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Suburban house

Alfredo Tapia

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Hi Guys,


I would appreciate some advice since I’ve been working for too many hours and I’ve lost my “eye”. :???: Supposing I ever had it.

I’m working on a house project and I need some feedback regarding either renderings quality, as well as architectural design.


As for the interior images, I’m trying to decide which one I like it most. The above one is processed up to a 99.5% of the radiosity calculation and has some PS work. I like the “cozy” feeling it has. The second one was just processed up to a 96%. It’s less accurate in terms of realism but I like the contrast and the sensation of deep. I don’t know. I’m too tired. What would you choose?





In addition, I don’t feel the background looks properly. It is not a matter of blur, I’ve made some test. It might be some contrast level or something. Again, I’m too tired. Help….!!!


And here are some exterior images. I see the shagged shadows and some leaks. I’m working on this.










PS, Here goes the data,


Modeled in Acad 2000

Mapped in Viz4

Rendered in Lightscape

Radiosity process up to 96%= 1 night

Radiosity process up to 99.5%= another night :rolleyes: It seems I’m doing something wrong.

PIII 1Ghz, 512 RAM

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Hi Alfredo,


I really like the interior pics. Either one is solid I feel.


If you put a gun to my head, I’d say the first pic because you have the window treatment in there and it blocks out the exterior post. I find the exterior post on the 2nd interior pic a little distracting.


If those drapes were rendered within LS I’d expect to see the light diffused through them. As it is now, it appears that they were added in PS because of the way the light shows through them w/out interruption onto the floor.


RE the background, here’s my take.


At first it stuck out to me badly on the interior pics. I was thinking that you applied a picture to a vertical plane and I could see the tops and bottom of that plane. Then I realized after looking at your exterior pics and at the 2nd interior pic that there is a ground level terrace and a large roof overhang in the rear of the home that were causing those planed borders.


Now if that roof is really there in the rear as it appears in the exterior pic, your light should not be coming into the interior as it is. The exterior pics show the sunlight dieing right at the threshold of the doors, not coming in as it is shown in the interior pics. To get direct light from the sun in the interior, it would have to be early morning or late afternoon, but then the light wouldn’t be as white as it is, it would have a more “red/yellow” tone to it.


The background pic that you used consistently in all of the int/ext shots will always be lit from the same direction, as it was when the photo was taken. Your lighting of the home on the exterior in the first pic looks more fitting than the second ext pic RE fitting with the background pic, but you probably used the same sunlight for both pics. That background pic looks “mostly cloudy”, and it seems that things shouldn’t be so bright, but appear as it is in the 1st exterior pic. And if the lighting looks right in that 1st ext pic, that same exterior photo wouldn’t have the right lighting as your sun is for the interior shots IMHO.


The 1st exterior pic looks the most realistically lit, minus the hedges, which doesn’t appear to be lit by the same light as the rest as the scene for some reason to my eye.


BTW, I can’t figure out on the 2nd ext pic why the roof is producing those three-tiered shadows on the upper and lower house walls to the right. What geometry am I overlooking that is producing those shadows?


Overall, everything looks great, just some tweaking to be done maybe…


Sorry for the novel, I’m doing test renders myself right now, so I had time to kill and enjoyed your renderings :D


Hope my “nisus” ;) answer helped.


Keep us posted, Paul

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Woww Paul...!!! Your “eye” is definitely well trained. Your autopsy was great. :D You have put together an index of all the things that were dizzyingly present in my slept sub-conscience. :???:


In fact,…


a) the drapes were done in PS. Actually it was just a rough test and I thought I was not going to leave it there, but finally it looks quite acceptable for me, though there are some details to work on as you put it in your response.


b) As for the background picture, sadly, I just have this only photograph and I’m not able to take some new ones, at least until the weekend. I might try some tweaking to get more realism.


c) Regarding the interior-exterior lightning differences, your appreciations are also right. Actually, these are due to I set two different models, either with different mesh settings as well as different lightning. The exterior images are lit with a summer light at 10:00 AM, and in the interior ones, given I was concerned about how dark this room would be in winter due the roofed terrace, it is lit at 15:00 on June (winter).


Well…. I really appreciate the time you took to critic the images and it was really helpful.


Best Regards




PS, Nisus, synthesis is really powerful when you are tired. So, thanks…..!!!!


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