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tiles patterns


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hi all,

i want to create tile patterns in studiomax how i can do? for example i have two kind tiles and one smaller frame between these tiles .becare full i want to use tiles original measurments how and where from i will set measurments of my tiles.explaination of room and tiles is given below

1-room length 5000mm=5m

2-room width4000mm=4m

3-white tile 400mm=40cm square

2-black tile 400mm=40cm square

3-strip length 400mm=40cm,width 150mm=15cm, that is gray colour

how i want to fix tiles

first of all two black tiles beside all walls

the gray strip after that in the strip rectangle i want to fix white colour tiles.

i will b thank full to all my friends which will help me about tile pattrens in stu

dio max i want to fix floor tiles in so many patters.so may i prepare my pattern first in autocad then importing in studio max or whole work will b done in studiomax pls answer quickly


with best regards


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create a single compound bitmap tile of all these tiles laid out and sized the way you want in a photoshop type program (I use GIMP), then you can just apply as a material in max....you will need to create separate rectangular surfaces in max for the different tile type and patterns, probably, based on your description, separate concentric rectangles......

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