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The view outside has the frequently-seen horizon problem, and the colors of the image outside do not go well with the colors inside. Where is this kitchen supposed to be?


Also, the design is nice, but it looks like using the sink could result in head injuries. At the back of the sink it is very dark, and there would usually be a backsplash of some sort. As it is it looks too plain for the rest of the space.


Overall very nice.

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Thanks for replying Ernest..useful comments as always..


first of all..concerning the design its not mine so i can't really change in it..c..

about the horizon..i now get what u mean,hope to be able to fix that problem..


maybe changing the background too,the kitchen is supposed to be looking at distant buildings..but i didnt find one,so i used a map that i saw suitable..but iam not satisfied with it either.

Anyway thatnks alot for the comments..try to post an update as soon as i can..

so does anyone has another comment??




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I think in the first image, the black piece of table in the low right corner don´t contributes much to the image and hides some parts of the elements you´re trying to show in this image.


I also miss some decorative elements to add color and happiness to the image(If you have time). Right now it seems to me a bit burocratic.

Maybe some bowls or fruits or teakettle.

If you have time...


I don´t understand much of lightscape but I think you could raise the exposure control to make things brighter (without very dark areas)


I miss some shadows to "sit" the door holders

I think it has something to do with the lightscape solution you´re using, and I guess the oven is a little bit flat.


For the second image the same coments except the black table wich you must keep.

Maybe you could add some yellow to the grey ( or white?) walls to make the overall scene warmer.


You could also add some bevel to the black table as it stands in the foreground.


I found your mapping very good, no comments! :D


hope have helped

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  • 2 weeks later...

Now that's a bit-late update but it came anuway.. :D:D

some things have been changed now,a bcksplash has been added according to Ernest's advise,and light has been modified,chnged a bit in colour bleeding..hmm..i guess thats all.





Still looking for a suitable background image showing some buildings through the window,hope to find one soon.

So any C & C are welcomed for this update..

PS : Thanks alot for your comments Tuninho,but unfortunatly i don't have much time now,too busy..

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