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How to adjust background image in viewport


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hit alt+b on your keyboard to bring up the viewport background options.


If you have already added an image to the background, you can check the box next to "use environment background"


In the lower right, check the box marked "display background".


If you want to view the image as it will be rendered, do not check the box marked, "lock Zoom/Pan"


If you want to adjust the position of your background in the viewport and see it as it will be rendered, do the following:


1) In the material editor slot click the "get material button" (first button on the left, directly under the material slots)


2) Choose bitmap from the menu


3) select a file and select "enviroment" in the coordinates roll out in the material editor. Choose a mapping method (usually "screen" for a simple image)


4) hit "8" on your keyboard and drag the material from the material editor into the environment slot, choose "instance"


5) hit "alt+b" on your keyboard and display the enviroment as displayed above.


6) whilst viewing the required camera view in the viewport, adjust the scaling and offset of the bitmap image in the material editor. You will be able to see the image moving around in the viewport and it should give a good aproximation of how the image will render.


-edit: It is best to do this with safe frames switched on (hit "shift+f" on your keyboard.


I've assumed you are using some of the default shortcuts.

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however I did answer the question in the OP pretty well I thought :D


You sure did.


Kev..btw, noticed you're from Nepal (though currently in Shanghai). Do any serious climbing there? Used to be on a mountaineering team but i live Florida now where the highest point of elevation is about 150 feet above sea level.

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do yourself a favor and use physical objects to map your background....far better in so many ways



I try to use HDRI vray for still image only because the effect is very nice to me. I just follow the tutorial done by Paco Morales from mexico

this image look fine but i just wonder if I can do other project later that need to adjust the horizontal line.... that worries me...... do you have any opinion Brian???

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