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vray1.5 with max9 training


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Hi guys i am planning to take these classes




1) anyone has done these classes before ,and what do you think about it ,


2) does anyone have vray1.5 demo ,would it work with 3dsmax9 30 day trial ,any idea if both of these well work together.


3) could you figure which module comes in fundamental and which one in intermediate.








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i just recently completed the training classes. they were fantastic! i started learning vray through different tutorials online, and quickly became very confused by conflicting information, and frustrated by not being able to ask questions. These classes are excellent- the teacher, Brian Smith works in this industry and has tremendous knowledge & skill. He is easy to follow, and really wants to make sure each student understands all the material he presents.


A big difference between his teaching methods and others i have tried, is that he doesn't just tell you 'make this setting .2', he explains to you what the settings control and how to figure out what you should make them. By doing this, he provides a solid foundation of training that you can apply to all your work. Another great thing about these modules, is that he focuses alot on optimization, and getting the best results in the shortest possible time.


My projects have become so much more manageable, i have such a better understanding of everything i am doing, i have sooo much less frustration, am successful at troubleshooting my scenes... i really could go on and on about how my work has changed as a result of these classes.


This definitely is the most fantastic resource for learning vray that is available- i highly recommend it, and honestly, i am really suprised it is so inexpensive for what you get!!



best of luck

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Hey there,


Thanks a lot that really helps ,are you working on max9 and vray 1.5 by any chance ,would you know if i can work with 3dsmax9 30 day trial and vray free demo 1.5 together etc i just want to make sure if i do the course i can work on demo version of both these softwares.





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