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Help improving exterior scene


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Hi all,


I wonder if there are any suggestions to improve those images.

I'm using:

- hdri in environment and reflection/refraction slots

- vray sphere light stored with irr map

- direct light to get some shadows

- rendering with adapt subdivs, irr map and light cache.


Thanks a lot,


King Regards

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Hard to say much since I dont know what your settings for materials and lights are.


But normaly if I'd do a picture like those I'd use a directlight (now a days I use vraysun ...) onley or just a HDRI (HDRI f I want lotts of reflections and I have time to sitt around for the lonng renders) not both.


And if I whas you I'd skipp the Vray sphere. Better to fill out with more enviroment light instead or a Vray plane in each window if it's to dark inside.


Decent Vray glas mat settings = refract/reflect colour pure withe IOR just below 1,6 and ad some map to the difuse like streaks or somthin :)


Thats about what I can say right now not knowing what your aming at.'


Edit* I also see allot of tiling textures try to use seamless and if I where you I'd look into Vray displacement for the grass, and I'm not sure about the HDR your using. Btw there is a great tutorial on the net about Vray archi and HDR renderings check it out.

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Yep, the devil lies in the details....

I think if you want to make an image of an architecture like this (very clean) with no further details, u should make your lighting more dramatic.

Maybe u could make a dusk light, or sunset.

The background u´re using is not matching your lighting.

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