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Light Cache Question


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Hello All


I am about to send a large-scale render to Backburner and I am using "split scan lines" to render between 4 computers. I ran into a known issue with Light Cache where each of my rendered strips has some apparently different light calulations and the seams from strip to strip are visible.


I looked around online and read that this is a result of using Light Cache and the "split scan lines" function together.


The solution is to pre-calcualte the light cache from what I have read online.


I am using Light Cahe and Irradiance Map together but have never precalcualted my Light Cache or IR Map.


Can anyone give me a quick step-by-step on how to accomplish this? Do I need to precalc my irradiance map as well? I do not even know how to do this... if anyone also knows of a thread or tutorial online which already explains this please let me know!


Thanks a ton!

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