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Floor Texture Design Software???


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Dear Group,


I would like to inquire to see if anyone here is familiar with the existence of what I would label "floor texture design software". In fact, it can be any graphic design software not specifically created for making wood floor textures. What I have are texture maps of individual floor planks. Each of these planks may represent in the real world a 3" x 36" (7.6 cm x 91.4 cm) area. I have between 8-15 unique plank textures for each particular floor type. The software that I am looking for (if it exists) would combine these planks into a user defined resolution (or physical area) with proper staggering and with seamless edges. Does anyone here know if any such software exists with these capabilities? I have hundreds of various floors (cherry, maple, oak, walnut, etc.) that I can create out of these plank textures, but it is very cumbersome and time consuming to perform manually.

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here is a link to litle program called bricks'n'tiles, which lets you create seamles textures from source images such as you have, even though its called 'bricks' you can still use it for any texture, you just need to get the right settings. maybe you can use it?









This did exactly what I needed it to do and more!!!!!!

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hi marcus,


Recencently I downloaded a little program called "Floor generator"

Seems to be what you asked for.

Check Matulik´s site and download it for free


I will try bricks'n'tiles too.

Thanks koper !!


Thanks to Matulik for his program and I hope he makes

Floor generatot 2 with more control over the result.

The seems between planks are not well organized

And the result is not seemless, even thouhg you can specify

a very large area for the entire room.





bY Martin Chudomel

web: http://www.matulik.host.sk

mail: bufer24@azet.sk


Hope have helped !

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