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My jump into Modo via MicroStation XM (WIP)


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Hey guys,


I've decided to give it a run...lets see how MicroStation XM plays with Modo, shall we? This will be sort of a WIP project...may not go too fast as I dont have much time...but this Modo forum doesn't go fast either. I must note, I'm a huge Modo novice at this point.


So, 1st thing's first. What doesn't work on import...


The XM > DXF > Modo workflow is not spot on. Seems Modo likes solids or mesh objects...so you cant drop your mesh to individual triangles. Wont work. So use 'Deep Exploration' to accomplish the import. Export from XM to U3D and then open the U3D in Deep Exploration, save as an LWO file. Modo seems to play well with this format. Credit on this specific topic goes to Peter Fotadis.


I do not have the CAD edition to see if the DGN importer works well or not...saving us a step. No biggie as my 43mb DGN came to 1.5mb in U3D format.


I noticed each object comes in seperate...so each post can be selected, each wall that's not merged, ect. The tree is Layer > Object. It does not differentiate between colors on your level. If you want to seperate objects of selectability, use different levels...not one level with X number of colors.


The camera from XM comes through, but I'm not sure if it works yet. Directional light (aka the solar light in XM) also comes over.


Modo is a bit resource heavy...I've noticed significant slowdown in workflow. It'd be best to make only necessary levels visible. Import can also be a bit slow. I've had 1 crash due to moving geometry around.


Another note, on 1st glance, I dont see any Import function. It may just be the OPEN command when it's not an LXO (luxology) file...but at this point, I tried to have my scene open and import a simple 3ds file...and it's hanging. So I'm not sure how to add items to the scene such as XFrog trees, 3D People, or 3d autos.

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