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Vray Light Material quality


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I'm having some trouble with the the qualitry of light illumintated by a Vray Light Material, see the picture attached and the description below.....


The light model is made up from a vray light material for the bulb surrounded by a glass case. Then there is also an omni light giving an overall light around the model. The omni light casts a nice light with the self illuminating material also casting a light that is very pixelated, there are just white dots around the light instead of it being a nice fade out. Normally I would just turn off the light casting abilities of the vray light material so it just glowed but if I do this then the glass around the bulb doesn't glow so I have to keep that checked. You can't control the subdivisons of a vray light matreial, so how can you make it better quality, any ideas?

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