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Lighting critics wanted again

Dave Buckley

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Comments and Criticisms very welcome, rendered using daylight system in mr3.5, MRsun and MRsky, FG and GI, logarithmic exposure (i need to put some photometric lights in the evening one but not sure what approach to take, i want small photometric lights, modern looking with like a neon blue under the water etc - help is needed for that bit )

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First of all, I would try to change the material apllied to the facade of the building. It seems to be a bathroom/Swimmingpool tile to me.


To come back to your question concerning the lighting:

Just have a look here:


You can choose the language you need, then under "downloads" you'll find max-files with lamp-models and matching IES-files (with country-specific light data from all over the world). That should be helpful, just give it a try.

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