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What printer do you use?

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Looking to purchase a new printer for presentations.


I am curious as to which printer you-all use for your presentations.


I am looking at a tabloid size printer, 11"x17", not a larger format.


Which printers in your opinions give the brightest results and are the most dependable. Speed issues are important as well.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you want speed or quality?


Have you looked at the Epson Stylus Pro printers? I can't speak for the new models, but had one that lasted for years with minimum upkeep. It produced good quality ink jet prints, that were a tad warm on the color side. It got a bit fussy about feeding paper as it got older, and was slow when printing at high resolution.


The company finally replaced it with an 11x17 Xerox color laser printer that cost 5 times as much, required a lot mantainance, and produced awful copies....but it was fast.

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True dat. A good inkjet these days produces far better quality than a color laser, and it's the way to go if this is for your own use. Color lasers or color copiers are much better when they need to serve a whole office. You can get a good deal on an Epson R1800 these days and if you need to use it for medium volume printing you can get a continuous ink system for it.

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That's 2 for Epson.


I've been using a HP 1220C for about 6 years and it's getting worn out. It has been a good reliable printer with ok speed and good quality prints at 11X17 tabloid format.


I'm wary of the HP's that are available now. I've been reading some negative feedbacks on the quality of HP's that are being made now.


The fact that the printing heads were on the ink cartridges was always a good selling point for me since I didn't have to worry about keeping the heads cleared all the time.


Also, seems the ink cartridges are smaller now but the price has increased.


I'm taking a good look at these Epsons that you guys post about, thanks.

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