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cgArchitect Menu Drop - Firefox Extension


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I'm releasing this quick and easy way to get into all of the CGArchitect forum threads and features from a drop down menu inside of Firefox. I first saw this implemented for another forum, so I decided to write one for CGArchitect.


This extension adds a "CGArchitect" menu item in your main Firefox menu bar with drop-downs to get directly to all threads, edit your profile settings, contact mods and access features. Please let me know if you find any issues.


Mods, if you would prefer to be removed from the list, please PM me and I'll ghost you out.


Install page for the cgArchitect Extension: REMOVING LINK TEMPORARILY - UPDATING


Here is what the extension adds to your Firefox menubar, (you can always remove it again in your Tools / Add-Ons like any other extension):



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Adding a screenshot
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Hey, I'm glad you like it! I'm finding it pretty quick to get to things.


It doesn't update dynamically, they actually hard link into those specific areas of the forum, but from one location rather than multi-paging to get there. Meant more as a time saver really.


As things change over time though, I can update the script to reflect those changes. In theory, when you go to run your Firefox add-ons updates, it would then see that the newer version is available and install it for you. Worst off, you just reinstall from the webpage link above and it over-writes the previous install and you're upgraded that way. Pretty easy either way!


Please PM me if things change on the forum (anyone), and when that happens I'll post back in this thread to let you know when the script is updated.


I hope it saves you some time too!

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wanna make one for Avant Browser?


please.. pretty pleeeaase


Hi Koper,

Not sure if it's possible? Don't know much about Avant, it appears that it's a skin over IE (sort of). IE is more locked down, so... Are extensions even possible in Avant?




I'm looking at adding some more function to the cgArch drop down, some image viewing "helpers", and some quick word searches. More to come!

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Glad you like it, I have to update for some new sections as well. I'm buried right now in some presentation materials at the moment (I know, like most of us are...), I'll try and update this as soon as I can next week.


Thanks for the interest!



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In progress... Some things have changed in the structure and the way to sign the add-ons now.


I have the changes in the forum organization updated as well as the updated moderator list ready to go, onto semantics.


Will let you know asap!





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